Long term expertise


The components  that are produced by Märkische Maschinenbau GmbH are deployed in different sectors. The mentioned sectors try to give you an insight into the variety of our component manufacturing.



We offer our customers reliable and technologically as well as economically well- engineered manufacturing solutions. Innovative production technologies and equipment secure acredible and effectve manufacturing. A significant speciality of Märkische Maschinenbau GmbH is the manufacturing of components with variants, because our customers expect to look at their products in its entirety.


Mobility & Transport


We manufacture individual components by fully automated processes until weight max. 500 kg. We guarantee a high customer orientation. The Märkische Maschinebau GmbH is a member of the railway accociation Bahntechnik Sachsen e.V..

Cooperation casting & forging companies


The complex machining of different material can only be realized by using innovative technologies, precise manufacturing methods and reliable partners. We cooperate therfore intensivly with international, powerful casting, forging and coating copmpanies.